After years of searching for the perfect protein supplement and continuously feeling like we were compromising, we felt exhausted by the lack of honesty and transparency in the protein industry. We cared not only about the quality and taste of the product, but the thoughtfulness and authenticity of the design, the process by which it’s manufactured, and the results it helped us achieve. Developed by fitness professional Kirsty Godso, we created one of the cleanest, most potent protein supplements on the market, packaged in a way that reflects the transparency of the product. 

Performance driven and transparent with ingredients. Made Of is everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 


To provide a product that will support your daily endeavors and training ambitions, and fit perfectly in a life filled with passion, integrity and an elevated sensibility.


Your body is the most expensive thing you’ll ever own. It’s crucial you know what you are fueling it with. Made Of is designed for high performing individuals to power their day, for the athlete within us.


Fuel your training with a half or full scoop of Made Of before or after your workout, mixed with your liquid of choice, add to your favorite smoothie, or use it as on the go support to keep you powering through your day.